Homeowners Insurance

Home insurance is a fully comprehensive insurance designed to cover damages or losses arising from material damage, personal injuries and third parties in relation to your home.

What goods can be insured?

  • The habitual residence
  • Storage rooms, garages and parking spaces
  • Swimming pools and recreational or sports facilities, trees, gardens, auxiliary constructions, fences and walls of enclosure or containment, located in the plot where the insured single-family dwelling is located.
  • Fixed water and gas installations, electrical and solar energy or similar, heating and cooling or air conditioning, image or sound, fixed television or radio antennas.
  • Fixed elements of decoration, such as carpets, parquet, blinds, awnings and similar, as well as installations, devices or security elements.
  • Your belongings, jewellery, money and credit card.

What does the home insurance cover?

The home insurance covers the damages or losses arisen due to:

  • Damages produced by direct action of fire
  • Damage by atmospheric phenomena such as lightning, wind, snow, hail, rain and floods
  • Damage caused by water or other liquids, leaks or broken pipes
  • Losses of rent, removals
  • Aesthetic restoration of the container
  • Theft or attempted robbery, robbery and related damages
  • Breakage of crystals, marbles, glass-ceramic and earthenware
  • Civil liability
  • Damages due to changes in the electric current such as short circuit, overvoltage or own combustion
  • Replacement of keys and locks
  • Smoke, sonic detonations and damage by impact of animals and land vehicles
  • Disabling housing
  • Assistance in the home by providing qualified professionals to attend the services (construction workers, plumbers, glaziers, painters, etc.)

What does the home insurance offer?

Our home insurances provide a wide protection not only to the housing that complies with the habitability standards in accordance with the legislation at the time of contracting, but also to the assets and belongings of the insured situated in the address described in the particular conditions.

The damages will be assessed by the value of replacement to new construction at the time prior to the loss in the case of housing, and by the cost of replacement to new in the case of come or belongings.