General Construction Insurance

Construction insurance includes specialized solutions for the construction sector, both new and pre-existing.

Who can hire it?

Owners of works, constructors, developers and contractors to be able to carry out their activity and protect the investment without taking risks and thus minimize the consequences of the damages that may occur in the work.


Which properties are covered?

Construction insurance protects owners of works, builders, developers and contractors for the projects indicated below:

  • Single-family, isolated or semi-detached.
  • Buildings intended for homes or offices.
  • Industrial plants
  • Hospitals, schools, hotels or schools.
  • Parking and similar.
  • Reform and rehabilitation works.
  • Small urbanizations and / or canalizations.


Types of construction insurance coverage

There are different types of construction insurance modalities that we can offer you:


  • Decennial Insurance

The Ten Year Insurance covers the material damage caused during the 10 years after the delivery of the work that occurs in the insured building, provided that they have their origin or affect the foundation and / or the structure, and compromise the mechanical resistance and stability of it. In addition, optional coverages can be offered according to the client’s needs.


  • Full Comprehensive Construction Insurance

The Full Comprehensive Construction insurance guarantees the material damages caused to the work itself during the execution of the works, provided that the material damages are produced as a direct consequence of an accidental and unpredictable cause, including those that have their origin in the phenomena of nature.


  • Civil Liability of the Builder or Developer Insurance

This policy covers the responsibility of the developer or constructor for damages that may be caused to third parties, either during the execution of the work or after the completion of the same.

This guarantee is aimed at developers, builders, developers-builders or subcontractors, companies of reforms, masonry and secondary construction.