Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is an insurance for animals designed for pet owners, concretely to dog and cats owners.

What does the pet insurance cover?

Pet insurance covers the following risks:

  • Injuries that the animal may suffer, including death by accident, veterinary expenses for accidents, expenses for slaughter and elimination of corpse, theft or loss, lodging expenses for loss and stay in residence.
  • If your pet suffers an accident, the pet insurance will cover veterinary expenses up to the corresponding limit according to the coverage contracted in your policy
  • In general, pet insurance covers consultations, visits, interventions and emergencies for veterinary assistance.
  • Insurance guarantees the payment of the stay of the animal in a residence, only if this is due to a hospitalization of the insured because of accident or illness and there is no relative who can take care of it.
  • Civil liability to third parties for damages to persons, animals or things caused by the pet subject to the insurance for which the owner and / or its owners are civilly liable and which give rise to pecuniary compensations.
  • Theft of your pet and the expenses derived from the loss of it.


The insured in this case is the pet’s owner/s; they will also have the same consideration as long as they live with him/her:

  • Spouse or unmarried partner
  • Children who depend economically on the insured
  • People under his/her legal guardianship
  • Ascendants dependent of the insured

What animal are insurable?

  • Cats and dogs as pets
  • Animals under 2 months and up to 8 years old
  • Registered and identified by a microchip
  • Pets that comply with the official vaccination calendar and are not of races expressly excluded.

What does the cat and dogs insurance offer?

The purpose of cat and dogs insurance is to pay the insured the compensation which correspond in case that his/her pet suffers, in a certain period of time, a loss under the guarantees of the policy according to the agreed terms.