What is an accident?

Accident is a physical injury that comes from a violent, sudden, external cause and out to the intention of the insured, which produces temporary or permanent disability or death. These characteristics must concur in an event so that it can be understood as an accident, and therefore, the beneficiary or members of his family are susceptible to compensation by the company.


What does a personal accident insurance cover?

The personal accident insurance covers:

  • Occupational disability resulting from an accident or any not professional disease that includes common diseases, private life accidents, long and medium duration diseases and even maternity, adoption or paternity leave.
  • Occupational accident or professional disease attributable to the development of work activity which occurs within the scope of the same or on the way from work to your home and vice versa.
  • In the same way, this insurance includes other additional guarantees, such as hospitalization and health care due to accidents, death due to natural or professional causes, and medication expenses, among others.

What does the individual accident insurance offer?

The individual accident insurance offers a compensation to the policyholder resulting from the worker’s work leave that includes the payment of his monthly rent, medical expenses that come from accident or illness, the payment of a daily amount for hospitalization, medication expenses and even, the compensation for death to the members of his family. For each of these guarantees there is a limit established in the policy.


The function of the individual accident insurance is the compensation of the insured himself or his beneficiaries for the unfavourable economic consequences that the accident and his injuries may cause him.