Legal Assistance Insurance

The legal assistance insurance is an insurance modality designed to provide legal and extrajudicial advice and assistance, derived from any activity of the Insured itself in the area of his life at a particular and family level.


Its purpose is to protect the insured’s interest against problems with which they may face and damage their property or rights in the private sphere.

What is legal protection?

Legal defence consists of advising and assisting juridically or carrying out the procedures of a claim and defence through the friendly and judicial way, in front of those responsible for the damages or before whom a repair or right is required.


The legal assistance insurance includes the following guarantees:

  •  Telephone legal assistance
  • Management of legal documents; it includes obtaining, writing and reviewing them
  • Criminal defence
  • Complaint of bodily and material damages
  • Fiscal and labour defence
  • Contracts for the provision of services or the execution of works, on movable things, supplies, labour for domestic service related to housing
  • Protection of insured’s interests in relation to the habitual residence and illegal occupation
  • Successions and civil law.


What does the legal assistance insurance cover?

Under the legal defence insurance is guaranteed the payment of expenses that may be incurred by the insured as a result of his intervention in an administrative, judicial or arbitration, as well as to provide legal and extrajudicial legal assistance services derived from insurance coverage .


More specifically, the coverage of legal assistance insurance includes attorney’s fees, fees, court costs, the notary and even bail in criminal proceedings, up to the limit established in the particular conditions provided in the particular conditions.


What does the family legal defence insurance offer?

We offer the judicial support made by professional lawyer lawyers in all legal fields. With maximum flexibility, adapting to your needs and also assuming an economic savings for the insured who will not have to face the high costs involved in hiring private professionals for these matters.