Property Damage for Commercial/Shop Insurance

The business damage insurance a fully comprehensive insurance focused on protect the assets of a business against economic damages that take place in his work facilities, caused to third parties or to his own damages

Which properties can be insured?

  • The structure of the premises object of the activity and its fixed elements, understanding as such those that cannot be detached from the construction without damaging it or without being damaged.
  • The furniture, machinery and electronic / computer equipment, as well as the goods and stocks of the insured activity.
  • Possibility of insure the works of reform, conditioning and improvement that have been made by the tenant.

What does the business insurance cover?

Through the business insurance are covered the damages or losses caused by:

  • Damage caused by the direct action of fire, explosion and lightning.
  • Damages due to atmospheric phenomena such as lightning, wind, snow, hail, rain and floods.
  • Damage caused by water or other liquids, leaks or broken pipes.
  • Losses of rent or temporary transfer.
  • Replacement of documents and computer files.
  • Aesthetic restoration of the continent.
  • Theft or attempted robbery, robbery and the resulting damages.
  • Broken glass, marble, glass ceramic and earthenware.
  • Civil Liability of properties, tenant, occupational, management or products.
  • Damages caused by modifications in the electric current such as short circuit, overvoltage, or own combustion
  • Replacement of keys and locks.
  • Theft of cash
  • Theft or loss of refrigerated or any other good.
  • Smoke and sonic detonations and damage by impact of animals and land vehicles.
  • Business disqualification
  • Home assistance by providing qualified professionals to serve the services: builders, plumbers, glaziers, painters, etc.

What does the business insurance offer?

This guarantee covers the payment of compensation, the cost of repair or replacement of the assets of your business to ensure its operation against any incident.