Professional Liability and General Liability Insurance

The general civil liability insurance guarantees the insured the payment of compensation that may be civilly liable according to law, involuntarily causing third parties for events that derive from the risk or activity described in the particular conditions and under the limits set, mediating guilt or negligence.


These compensations can derive in bodily injuries and material damages that may arise in the context of your private or family life.

Who can hire this insurance?

General Civil Liability Insurance is aimed at:

  • Parents or guardians who have minors under their guardianship to guarantee the damages caused by acts or omissions in the private life, as long as it is not for professional actions
  • Owner or holder of pets
  • Families with domestic staff under their care
  • People who practice a sport as amateurs
  • Any person traveling through Europe, family displacement or any of its members with tourism or study of minors
  • The owner of a rental house; the personal and material damages that the tenant can claim are covered
  • Damage caused to third parties by water
  • Deterioration as a result of a fire or explosion
  • As a complement to another main assurance, such as home insurance.

Protection covers all those who, being united by a bond of family kinship, live in the same residence, regardless of their age.


What does the General Civil Liability Insurance cover?

Under the General CL Insurance is guaranteed:

  • The payment to the injured parties of the compensations to which the insured’s civil liability would give rise.
  • The payment of costs and judicial or extrajudicial expenses inherent to the loss.
  • The constitution of the judicial finances required of the insured to guarantee his civil liability

It will cover up to the maximum amount set in the particular guarantees and provided that the damages are not intentional or occur as a result of the imprudence of the insured.


What does the General CL Insurance offer?

The General CL Insurance is designed for the protection of the private sphere of the family unit. Because even the apparently most insignificant acts of the private sphere can be the cause of serious damage to third parties and generate a difficult claim to face economically by an individual.